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"I have so enjoyed partnering with Real Food for Kids over the past several years on the School Board. It’s rare to find a community organization that is willing to push up their sleeves and move beyond advocacy to delve into the tough work of coalition-building and policymaking. The key to the success of RFFK has been their collaborative nature and ability to bring new voices—from parents and students to world-renowned food experts and chefs—to the policymaking table. While RFFK might always be pushing us to the next level, its leaders have a keen understanding that incremental progress will lead to lasting change, and they’ve been willing to mobilize for the long-term. We look forward to continuing to engage with them to ensure that the next generation appreciates the importance of fresh, healthy food."

-Ryan McElveen

Fairfax County School Board Member At-large


"At Marshall, RFFK worked collaboratively with me, students, the school board and FCPS Food and Nutrition Services to establish the first fresh food bar in the school system.    The new food bar named the Statesmen Station was a significant paradigm shift.   Not only was it a change in food offerings, but it was also shift in how our food is presented and served to students.    When the Statesmen Station opened in September 2013, it was a huge success.   The new concept captured local and national attention.


Real Food for Kids makes a difference."



-Jay Pearson

     Executive Principal, Region 2, Fairfax County Public Schools



Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaboration with our partners to increase the quantities of healthful foods in our school systems, developing and delivering programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices, and ensuring access to real whole foods for all school children.







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