2017 Culinary Challenge and Wellness Expo

Lake Braddock Secondary School

March 11, 2017  |   9:30 AM - 2 PM

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free COMMUNITY event Culinary Challenge and Wellness Expo Whether you are a student, a parent, a Teacher or just interested in leading a healthful lifestyle, this event has something for you!registration required below WAtch students compete in the culinary challenge Learn at our Free, expert-leD Expo workshops WIN great prizes* $600 Earls Kitchen - Bar | $500 Williams-Sonoma | and MORE! * Entries for Prizes Must Be Submitted During the Culinary Challenge (10am - 11:15am). Winner Must be Present at Time of Drawing.
RSVP Below Register for the culinary challenge and up to two different workshops. Culinary Challenge - 10:00AM to 11:15AM New FCPS Signature Sandwiches Available For Purchase ($3) Workshop Session 1 - 11:30AM to 12:10PM Workshop Session 2 - 12:20PM to 1:00PM Select the number of tickets you would like and then click "Register" and follow the Eventbrite instructions. You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed your registration.


Food For Thought

Fairfax County Public Schools welcomed a new Food and Nutrition Services Director this school year. Rodney Taylor, a pioneer in the farm-to-school movement, is already shaking things up on the school lunch menus with the help of FNS’ Chef Paul Davis. Come taste Chef Paul’s delicious and innovative menu items. You will find new specialty sandwiches, salads, and entrees that will appeal to students, teachers, administrator and visitors and make the cafeteria the hottest lunch spot on campus. Come check it out!



Food Is Hot

Food is a hot topic these days. Food journalism has become a vast and segmented field, and engaging and creative food writing, photography and promotion are at the core of stories that sell.  Join Washington Post Deputy Food Editor Bonnie S. Benwick and Washington’s premier food photographer, Renee Comet  as they walk you through what their jobs entail and how they work together to make successful, well-read stories . Learn the basics:  writing a food story with recipes, how to write a recipe, current  styles and techniques of food photography, how to take advantage of natural light and how to frame and pitch stories to writers and editors.



Dinnertime, Unscrambled!

Do you ever look at the clock and wonder how it could be dinnertime already! While we all want to prepare the best, most nutritious food for our families, sometimes our busy schedules get the best of us. Six o’clock rolls around and we find ourselves scrambling to figure out what to make for dinner.


Aviva Goldfarb, cookbook author and founder of Six O’Clock Scramble, will relieve your stress by teaching you how to remove the barriers that prevent families from having dinner together, such as indecision, exhaustion and lack of time. She will share her tips on how to spend less time shopping and cooking and more time enjoying dinner together. Aviva will demonstrate one of her delicious dinners during this workshop.



What's A Chicken Nugget?

Talk to any group of elementary school kids about what their favorite kind of chicken is and you are guaranteed to hear the word “nugget” at least once. But what is a chicken nugget? If you saw a picture of a chicken, would you be able to point and say “Oh yeah, this is the nugget?"  Most of us know so little of where our food comes from. Let’s change that. Animals are an integral part of a healthy ecosystem and it is important that everyone ─ kids and grown-ups alike ─ realize that the food on their plates didn’t start its journey on supermarket shelves.  To help illustrate this point, this workshop features a group of spectacular guest stars.


Dinnertime, Unscrambled!

 Aviva Goldfarb

Six O'Clock


What's A Chicken Nugget?

Mike Snow &

Deb Dramby

Willowsford Farm

Getting There


Growing Garden Teachers

Imagining a garden and tending to it, are two very different things. There are all sorts of lessons to be learned in a garden and they are not just about seeds and soil. This professional development workshop, led by Sarah Holway of DC Greens, is designed to integrate garden science and nutrition education with  existing classroom curricula. Hear about best practices in school garden programs in Washington, DC, get tips for starting and growing your own school garden program and learn about available resources and future opportunities for NOVA garden educators.


Food For Thought

 Chef Paul Davis

FCPS - Food & Nutrition Services

Growing Garden Teachers

Sarah Holway

DC Greens


Students wiil be challenged to create a delicious and appealing after school snack



Participating Schools

Franklin Middle School

Glasgow Middle School

Irving Middle School

Sandburg Middle School

Stone Middle School





Smart Snacks





Students will be challenged to take a “typical” school lunch item and remake it into a delicious and appealing and more healthful lunch option


Participating Schools

Annandale High School

Chantilly Academy

Edison Academy

Marshall Academy

South Lakes High School





Market Basket

Lunch Challenge



Students wiil be challenged to create a delicious and appealing grab n go breakfast item


Participating Schools

Mary Ellen Henderson MS

West Potomac High School









Most people agree that there are major challenges surrounding school food. How do you strike the balance and produce nutritious and delicious meals that fit a school budget and can be prepared and served quickly? This year’s Culinary Challenge offers a simple solution: leave it to the kids to create a flavorful and healthful breakfast, snack or lunch.  Student teams from schools around the region ─ and who know their way around a kitchen ─ will prepare dishes they like and, as important, believe their fellow students will enjoy as well.   Thanks to the talents of these young chefs, we will get an appetizing glimpse into the future of school food where kids can grab a quick breakfast or a satisfying snack on the go; a future where lunchtime favorites like chicken nuggets, pizza, hamburger, and mac ‘n’ cheese (to name a few) have been made over into the nutritious healthy lunches kids need. Come join us and be a part of this innovative, school-food-altering Culinary Challenge.

Come and meet top culinary and health experts. Whether you are a student, parent, teacher or just interested in leading a more healthful lifestyle, the Culinary and Wellness Expo has something for you. We’ll have workshops that cover healthy cooking, mindful exercise, smart food shopping and growing your ingredients. At the EXPO, you will be able to attend two of our six different workshops.  Be sure to RSVP below to ensure a seat.   Whatever sessions you choose to attend, you will take away valuable information to live by.


Mind and Body

Bucket list: raft the Grand Canyon, go on an African safari, learn to sail, take up yoga. While you won’t find the answers to all your bucket list needs at this year’s Wellness EXPO, why not take this opportunity to cross yoga off the list?   Let Julianne Misra of OM Yoga Center teach you to connect mind and body to create a greater awareness of your physical and mental needs. Finding peace of mind and body will lead to better health. Or, if you are looking for something a bit more vigorous, why not try Zumba! Irene Saucedo will lead a challenging and rhythmic workout to some of your favorite songs and get your heart pumping. This workshop will give you two chances to learn how regular physical activity is a component to a healthy life and can be fun, too.


  Mind and Body

 Julianne Misra

OM Yoga Center

Irene Saucedo

Food Is Hot

Bonnie Benwick and

Renee Comet

The Washington Post

The Expo Workshops

The Culinary Challenge

Our Presenters



Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaboration with our partners to increase the quantities of healthful foods in our school systems, developing and delivering programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices, and ensuring access to real whole foods for all school children.







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