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School Gardens


Steps for Starting a School Garden - From Arcadia Farms


Start By:


1. Sharing your vision with your administrator(s). The school leadership should be the first stop when starting a new school garden.  As the garden matures, they will be your biggest supporters.  Take time to build this relationship from the beginning.


2. Survey teachers' interest. It is very important to know what teachers care about and how they might use the garden.  It is often useful to ask: “How will a school garden support your teaching” or “What would you like to see in our school garden that will make it easier for you to teach?”


3. Form a student group. Whether it’s your class or an afterschool club, they should be involved in as many decisions as possible from the beginning of the design process.


4. Convene an Advisory Board. The steering team to makes sure that tasks are divided up and the skills of the community are best utilized.  This team should be diverse, consisting of: students, staff, parents, teachers, community members, food staff, and administrators.


5. Make a garden plan. Consider:



Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaboration with our partners to increase the quantities of healthful foods in our school systems, developing and delivering programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices, and ensuring access to real whole foods for all school children.







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