Real Food For Kids advocates for healthful choices for children in schools by working collaboratively with school administrations and school boards. From breakfast to after school activities, students have many opportunities to eat at school and RFFK works to ensure children have access to healthful food throughout the day.

Active commitment by parents and students in our school communities is key to affecting change. We’re continually forming new Parent Action Teams throughout the region to identify needs and initiate action on the local level as well as contribute to our core mission – improving school food so our kids can thrive academically, physically and emotionally now and in the years to come.

In Fairfax County, VA Real Food For Kids worked with the Fairfax County School Board on a project to assess the state of the Food and Nutrition department. As a result, a salad bar pilot was run in an FCPS high school, students became engaged in the project, and the program will be implemented county-wide – all schools will have Fruit and Vegetable Zones.


The Lunch Room Collective of the Greater Washington D.C. area is dedicated to raising the profile of and conversation around school meals as a catalyst for change in public health. In collaboration with school partners, the Collective will advance programs and policies leading to a systematic change in the way we feed students.


If we want our kids to play their best, our concession stands need to provide foods and drinks that will fuel their bodies. By offering better foods in our concession stands, we win in so many ways - athletes get the energy they need to start and end strong; and spectators, parents, and siblings can enjoy a nutritious meal while cheering on their athlete and team, and teams can make money!

One of the first projects for Real Food For Kids was to address harmful and unnecessary ingredients in school food. Working with the Food and Nutrition Services Department in Fairfax County, Virginia, these efforts resulted in the removal of over 90% of the harmful artificial additives from the school food menu.

Real Food For Kids advocates for school gardens and provides information to schools who want to create a garden for their students. RFFK partners with Arcadia Farm and local farmers to provide resources to schools.

Real Food For Kids has worked to improve the Wellness Policy in Fairfax County Schools and provides support for school districts who would like to do the same.

A successful soda pilot in Fairfax County Public Schools resulted in the removal of regular soda from student access in all schools before, during and after the school day.





Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaboration with our partners to increase the quantities of healthful foods in our school systems, developing and delivering programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices, and ensuring access to real whole foods for all school children.






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