Event Toolkit Food Day is a national celebration that encourages communities to make smart, healthy choices about what they eat. Since 2011, Real Food for Kids has produced a Food Day event at an elementary school as one component in that school’s multi-disciplinary approach to whole-child wellness. The success of our program, and the many requests we receive from schools to “come to them” have been the drivers behind this free, download-able Toolkit, made possible with funding from Innovation Health. The Food Day program developed by Real Food for Kids is a fun, engaging, multi-faceted, interactive student experience designed to increase student’s understanding that healthful foods and exercise – that are also delicious and fun – can have a positive effect on their academics and their physical and emotional health. Any school can put on Food Day – whether you have a healthy budget or very few dollars to spend. We look forward to talking with you throughout the planning and execution of your event, offering suggestions, advice, and words of encouragement. This Food Day Toolkit is made possible with funding from

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