Sports Nutrition

What should my child eat and drink to gain a competitive edge?

Many parents of child athletes ponder this question. Often parents are bombarded with conflicting messages about nutrition and are misinformed about what foods their children require for good health and the demands of regular physical activity and athletic competition. Focus on eating whole foods (not processed foods, which typically come in a box or bag) in order to maximize health and performance. To find out what your young athlete tolerates best, experiment during training, not competition.



Vitamins and minerals: Micronutrients are a big deal

Fat: Not too much, not too little


Starting your day: Breakfast!

Hydration: Morning, noon, and night

Eat often: Before exercise, during exercise, and after exercise



Real Food For Kids is committed to working in collaboration with our partners to increase the quantities of healthful foods in our school systems, developing and delivering programs that educate our students and their families on making healthier lifestyle choices, and ensuring access to real whole foods for all school children.






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